CIC Wins Two ULI Vision Awards

CIC won TWO of the first-ever ChicagoVision Awards from the Urban Land Institute at an event at the Bridgeport Art Center June 6.

There were five winners in the (real estate) Project category, and five in the Program category. Of the five possible Program awards, CIC won two:

  1. Energy Savers, in conjunction with CNT Energy. The Energy Savers program saves landlords an average of 30% in energy costs per year in seven Illinois counties and the city of Rockford, and is by far the largest program of its kind in the country.
  2. The Distressed Condominium Program of the Troubled Buildings Initiative, a program with the City of Chicago to identify fraudulently-converted condominiums and turn them back into rental housing.

The Vision Awards, introduced by ULI Chicago this year, honor those projects and programs that have used creative development practices, inventive partnerships or sharing of resources, imaginative problem solving, or visionary ideas contributing to the growth of vibrant communities. The relative size of a program or project, whether square footage or total budget, is secondary to the innovative characteristics contributing to its success.

”We wanted a way to celebrate the innovation, quality and sensitivity to issues facing our communities that is happening in the field of real estate development right now regardless of the size of the project or program” said Alicia Berg, Columbia College Chicago and co-chair of the Vision Awards.

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