Property Management Training Manual

Since 1999, CIC has published the Property Management Training Manual, a practical guide for developing property-specific procedures.  In June 2016, CIC published an updated Property Management Training Manual.

Download the manual and accompanying toolkit:

Residential Property Management Procedures Manual

A practical guide for developing a property-specific procedures manual.

Property Management Training Appendix and Toolkit

Includes sample documents and forms useful for property management.

With generous support from the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus and South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association, CIC updated the landlord training manual that was created for CIC by Larry McCarthy in 1999. His hard work resulted in a document that served as a valuable reference for landlords for more than a decade and is the foundation for the updated manual.  The financial support provided by Metropolitan Mayors Caucus/South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association was made possible by a National Foreclosure Settlement Award from Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.