Use Our Money to Buy/Rehab Apartments

Yes, We Have Money To Lend!

CIC does multifamily acquisition/rehab deals that others can’t.

And we are capitalized with a $400 million loan pool guaranteed by 34 banks, so we have money to lend.



 We can strengthen your bottom line 12 ways:

  • Construction and long-term loan in one process
  • Expedited acquisition loans for experienced developers
  • No payments during construction
  • 20-year term, 25-year amortization
  • Strong customer service, including expert construction advice
  • For experienced developers, a line of credit
  • Flexibility to finance more than 80% LTV with extensive rehab
  • No prepayment penalty on ARMs
  • We close and service our own loans
  • No legal fees at closing
  • “Take-out” loans for buildings with an estimated completion date
  • A tailored, can-do approach to every loan.

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